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Foxlink Group leads Series A investment to expand US and international growth of V5 Systems.

V5 Systems, Inc. (“V5”) (www.v5systems.us), a leader in innovating wireless, on edge,

intelligent security and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) computing solutions announces that

it has closed a $7 million Series A financing round. This round was officially closed with funds

received from Foxlink Group (www.foxlink.com), a multi-billion dollar Taiwan-based

electronics manufacturer. Foxlink will be V5’s strategic global manufacturer. V5 will leverage

the new funds to execute a global product rollout, incorporate new sensors onto its existing edge

based security platform and further develop its Industrial IoT wireless computing platform.

“It is with great pride that I am announcing the closing of the $7M Series A funding round led

by our partners at Foxlink Group. We now have the means, motivation and persistence required

to make V5 Systems a global success,” said Steve Yung, Chairman and CEO of V5 Systems.

Joining V5’s board of directors will be Rodney Chiu, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and

Investment of Foxlink Group. As an MIT graduate with strong technical background and over

10 years of experience in manufacturing and operations, Rodney will be an integral part of V5’s

expansion and growth.

“The opportunity for autonomous and smart surveillance within the integrated security boom is

enormous, both in the US and in markets around the world,” said Chiu. “We believe that V5

Systems is the technical leader in this space, and its product is best positioned to take immediate

advantage of prevailing trends. In addition to its investment, Foxlink will play a strategic role in

validating both the technology and commercial potential of V5 Systems. We are excited to

participate in the current and future growth of V5.”

About Foxlink

Headquartered in Taipei Taiwan, Foxlink has over 15 design, manufacturing and sales sites

world wide. Since 1986 Foxlink has been designing, manufacturing and selling connectors,

cable assemblies, power management devices, battery packs on an OEM/ODM basis to some of

the world’s leading makers of communications devices, computers and consumer electronics. In

addition to its expertise in the components, Foxlink and its subsidiaries have successfully

developed diversified products in the area of wireless communications and optical technology,

targeting to provide customers the total solution from components to turnkey products with the

highest quality.

About V5 Systems, Inc.

California-based V5 Systems was founded in 2013 and operates out of Fremont CA. Its

founders were intent on delivering a security solution that can be deployed in any outdoor

environment without the limitations of tapping into fixed power and without having to modify

existing land or structures. This eliminates the need for trenching and acquiring permits while

vastly reducing cost and time. They were successful in developing the world’s first multi-sensor

portable security unit with edge (on the device itself) computing. Highlights of V5 Systems

intelligent edge computing devices are as follows:

• Wireless, off the grid power utilizing V5’s patented power system deriving power

directly from solar (and or wind)

• Portable for easy setup and deployment creating the freedom to redeploy when and as

needed (25 lbs. or less)

• On board processors with analytics capabilities and true edge computing

• Controlled IIoT architecture capable of running third party applications

• Up to 1TB of on board storage for HD quality video retention on the edge

• Communications through cellular connection, WiFi, Satellite and RF

• Multi sensor functionality including video, acoustic processing and chemical detection

V5 technology can capture, analyze, and even interpret data in real time and relay this

information to its proprietors. Real-time transfer of data allows end users to respond

‘proactively’ to a potential threat or issue rather than being ‘reactive’ after the fact. V5 delivers

a truly innovative, self powered security and computing solution for IoT industrial control,

monitoring and data collection applications.

Discover and learn more about how V5 Systems can solve your security and IIoT needs.

Website www.v5systems.us

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Phone (844) 604-7350

by Mazin Bedwan  1/13/2016